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To create a Familiar Spell

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Spell Description

This spell will create a bond between you and a Familiar of your choosing.

Spell Ingredients

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Spell Difficulty
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Spell Method

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Additional Tips

You can repeat this spell as many times as you want to cement a stronger bond with your Familiar. You can also include any other items in the circle you wish to bond to yourself.


Mystic Spell Craft
Review by PerseH , Sunday, 10 April 2011 vote imagevote image
This is okay for basics but also saying a spell might be nice to add here.
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3:42-- G_1689: I was on spellsofmagic but for some reason I can't login anymore when I had been a member for years. I am glad I found this site. Any advice?
3:45-- G_1689: Any advanced/ intermediate spells to get someone to call you/ I kind of think that the rhyming stuff is kind of silly. I mean its not because I believe in the power of rhyme but I just don't feel right or serious doing it.
3:48-- G_1689: Also would it be better to do the spell in the native language of the person who you want to call you?
3:50-- Smileygirl82: has any of these spells work
3:52-- Papagena: I did one that worked for me but it wasn't a talk to me spell.
3:52-- Papagena: I am the one asking btw
3:53-- Papagena: It depends how well you do the spell Smileygirl82
6:16-- G_1890: 3:) please help me to be illuminat
15:42-- G_1478: Hi :)
16:15-- Papagena: Hi how are you?
16:24-- Rosa Nocta: Great! ;)
16:25-- Rosa Nocta: Just here looking at the site.
16:25-- Rosa Nocta: It's my first time here. :)
16:25-- Papagena: Are you new to magic?
16:26-- Rosa Nocta: Not really, but I am looking to step into more advanced rituals.
16:27-- Rosa Nocta: And you? :)
16:29-- Papagena: I have been exploring for a few years, but I have been able to see and sense spirits all my life although I didn't realize this until my main spirit guide came out to me when I was about 12. I am nearly 19 now.
16:32-- Papagena: :P That's also how long I have been playing the guitar. lol
16:33-- Rosa Nocta: Learning, exploring and evolving is something we will continue to do for the rest of our lives, Papagena. :)
16:33-- Rosa Nocta: Haha! Gotta love the musical instruments. ;)
16:33-- Papagena: Yes, true and true!
17:25-- Papagena: Hey I need advice on a spell. This concerns language.
17:51-- Papagena: Help anyone?
21:26-- george: hi.how i can do a girl love me and broke out from other man?
0:37-- Papagena: If you really loved her you wouldn't ruin her relationships.
11:50-- Xechat: I wanna learn wind magic how do i start off
12:01-- G_8297: spells for grades?
12:39-- Xechat: How to reerse vampiric spell?
17:42-- G_1742: hooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooo :|
17:46-- G_1742: howw the HECK does this work :S :S :S
22:07-- traebramlett: I need a spell that will make someone sick asap
4:12-- G_7850: hugry
4:12-- G_7850: I need a spell to make me suck balls
4:12-- G_7850: jk jkj kj kj
15:26-- 956capulet: Hi room
15:30-- 956capulet: WhAts for lunch

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Name: G_4135

:) :( ;) :P :D :| :O :S O.O 8) :_( :-* (!) (?)
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