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Summon a Fairy

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Created by Robin Stone,

Spell Description

This spell has bene used to summon fairies.

Spell Ingredients

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Spell Difficulty
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Spell Method

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Additional Tips

This summoning may take some practice and will not work 100% of the time.


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Spell Shout Box

1:41-- kerryb46: :P
4:29-- danielsammy: I want a girl come to .e now what do I do
4:30-- danielsammy: help me I have no materials
4:30-- danielsammy: anybody
17:33-- danielsammy: need help
2:35-- G_7752: hi
2:35-- G_7752: hi we are beginners we wants to learn magic
15:06-- animoen: Halloo
15:08-- G_1693: Jag är också nybörjare och vill lära mig spells om att få mer pengar
23:13-- G_8421: Wahh :_(
0:51-- G_9280: I want a real vampire spells that really work
1:30-- strongwindmakerz: Hello all
1:30-- strongwindmakerz: =3
1:31-- strongwindmakerz: Um after I did a spell
1:32-- strongwindmakerz: My little sister just touch me did it went to her too?
1:33-- strongwindmakerz: Please answer Katia keti?
1:33-- strongwindmakerz: = (
15:44-- daylight: :| (?) \
20:39-- Juan: They call me Juan, they call me Jose
21:29-- G_9129: كذاب
8:32-- diva: totoo baq ito bka pranks lng
17:37-- G_5041: nn
17:37-- G_5041: juiuonjlk
17:38-- G_5041: kulu 5ara 7amir
18:30-- G_9979: hey
18:59-- G_7846: what the spell
19:01-- G_7846: whats a vampire spell
19:01-- G_7846: answer
2:30-- G_9538: egrafi sto spell book pos kano?
13:26-- sisi18: Exei Kane.
13:27-- sisi18: Exe kaanei kanenas...kana xorki apo auta?????
13:27-- sisi18: Kai Na exei piasei?
16:10-- G_3542: do these work
23:33-- Evillittlegnome: Hello all
0:03-- jnorth489: hey i got a question anyone think there up for a challange
1:31-- jnorth489: ive got some magic i found fire based magic good for dualing to anyone interested

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Name: G_7024

:) :( ;) :P :D :| :O :S O.O 8) :_( :-* (!) (?)
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