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spell to summon a dragon

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Created by shadowsxelite,

Spell Description

This spell has been traditionally used to summon dragons.

Spell Ingredients

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All Summoning Spells
Spell Difficulty
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Spell Method

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Spell Shout Box

16:24-- G_5637: Chao co KeiXavier And 8169 history is full of proof do some good research you never know what you may find! be well.
16:24-- G_5637: and hi
16:28-- G_5637: g
17:30-- G_4410: Verrto :)
0:05-- G_6518: hi
0:12-- G_6518: im looking for some spell that i can see
0:12-- G_6518: like summon something and it appear or cast fire or something
2:25-- G_2622: hi
17:40-- Elementor: Hello
4:17-- G_5637: what wqould
4:18-- G_5637: what would you want to summon
5:03-- G_7196: Godlike is it possible?if its true tell me how to do it.so i can cut off this chains.
5:03-- G_7196: *Godlike powers*
5:44-- daylight: hmm that is beyond me try to make your own spell perhaps just be carefull
6:03-- daylight: Although it may be possible to free yourself without such power just try and get creative, also In in my experience you will not just be told what to do but told to educate yourself to obtain what you seek
10:29-- G_7196: Chains of God...
17:13-- G_5637: go on
17:39-- G_3983: any me
17:39-- G_3983: i need well want a mermaid spell that really works
17:52-- daylight: What do you want the spell to do
19:47-- Elementor: Hello all you magic users
19:48-- Elementor: :P
19:48-- daylight: hello
20:00-- daylight: what does the day bring
22:46-- G_4715: «link»
2:23-- Elementor: Hey all you magic users
2:23-- Elementor: :)
5:14-- G_5637: did you put that link elementor
20:47-- G_2765: hey
22:13-- G_5637: hey
15:02-- G_5938: ahh
16:52-- G_5919: go on

Last message 3 hours 28 minutes ago

Name: G_5772

:) :( ;) :P :D :| :O :S O.O 8) :_( :-* (!) (?)
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