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All Summoning Spells

A lot is said about the Magick of Summoning. However, there is no more danger in summoning a spirit as there is in crossing the street. As long as you do your research and know what you're summoning then you will be fine. Obviously, there are cases where Black Magick Spells are used to summon spirts and demons far beyond the abilities of the individual spellcaster. A good practice in Spirit Summoning Spells is to call what is known as a "Gatekeeper Spirit". These benevolent spirits will do the summoning for you and will allow you to have an extra layer of seperation. Whatever you decide to do, practice caution in all things. Spellcraft is no different.

Created by Robin Stone
This spell gives details of how to open a magick circle.
recipe image
Created by Robin Stone
This method will allow you to contact ancestors and other spirits using spirit water.
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Created by Robin Stone
Salamanders are what these spirits are called and they are different from the lizards. They are similar in appearance but live in the realm of fire.
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Created by Robin Stone
This spell has been used traditionally to summon fire spirits and has been known to work with other spirits.
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Created by Robin Stone
This spell has bene used to summon fairies.
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Created by Robin Stone
This crown will give you extra protection and is especially useful when summoning demons and other malicious entities.
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Created by shadowsxelite
This spell has been traditionally used in the summoning of the dead.
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Created by shadowsxelite
This spell has been used traditionally in the summoning of elfs.
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Created by shadowsxelite
This spell has been used traditionally in the summoning of a Guardian Angel
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Created by shadowsxelite
This spell will help you to contact a phoenix.
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4:08-- F07703RofD3AT4: hey kira what kind of Dream spell?
4:08-- F07703RofD3AT4: I have one, but most would overlook it
4:09-- F07703RofD3AT4: It lets you have lucid dreams I have used it several times
7:53-- carlohappy: hello everyone i'm new here hope you guys can teach me how to cast some spells
21:51-- giorgos123paok: γεια σας ειμαι καινουριους εδω ψαχνω για ενα ξορκι που να μου επιτρεπει τον ελεγχο της φωτιας εχετε κατι να μου προτεινετε?
1:45-- G_7761: i love spells ;) ;) ;)
11:37-- G_8809: uaaaaa u mesoka magjia ketu
12:18-- icck: can someody tell me wath spells work?
20:02-- G_9645: do they work?
20:03-- G_9645: im trying to change my eyes from brown to green :_(
21:03-- G_8826: Hej är ny här har bara en fråga funkar verkligen det här finns det häxor på riktigt för nämligen jag såg en häxa när jag var liten i mitt fönster alla trodde jag va galen men allvarligt finns häxor??
23:24-- Jazn: Hello! I am a newbie and was looking for easy practice. Any suggestions?
0:04-- 12angelz12: Hej är ny här funkar verkligen den här sidan?
12:25-- simmonhacker: Mình là "new wizard" xin nhận sự trợ giúp của các bạn
14:08-- G_5547: :D
3:36-- G_2422: Hey guys I'm new to the page! Just wanted to chat with likeminded people
9:10-- mehedi: anyone plz help me for get back my ex
11:27-- G_1126: hey
14:55-- G_2390: in most situations an open circle refers to the flow of energy your letting it enter and leave your circle Other times it refers to not drawing up all the elements and preforming ur rights before casting your circle remember to be mindful of the energies used in any spell from the way you feel while casting to casting itself at times it may be necessary to clens yourself or your alter,tools and space for the best results the rest will come be well
14:57-- G_2390: try pushing energy out of your wand ....see the color feel it build feel the flow ty feeling the energies around you
15:04-- daylight: Full moon Saturday
20:37-- G_7310: Hi ;)
22:32-- strongwindmakerz: Hey guys how u get rid of the weather spells
22:34-- strongwindmakerz: I did the wind spells
22:36-- strongwindmakerz: And summon the birds
22:37-- strongwindmakerz: And Idk to get rid help
22:37-- strongwindmakerz: Please help
0:35-- thanhfish2306: Mình không hiểu lắm về spell làm đẹp mặt, cách làm ấy ạ
1:37-- G_2390: cast away all doubt Break down the words and energy, and intentions of a spell and reverse them/ channel energy into the break down /an energy power blast through your circle to cleanse away ary spells / focused on the protection spell you most likely cast before hand within your circle /just keep your mind calm and emotionless be well
3:06-- gracie01: Does anyone know of any or have a spell for fertility. I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you
4:02-- G_2390: refrence Fertility Spell and pregnancy /via,google/ site everything under the moon///there is a verity of options best of luck
11:40-- sunaysha: Hoi..ik wil mijn ex terug :( .. ik heb zoveel fouten gemaakt dat hij nu nieteens wat van mij wilt horen..wat kan ik eraan doen....en ik ben ook werkloos en ik zit ook vast met mijn financieel..help me aun met deze problemen...ik ben echt down aan het worden...aub..
11:41-- sunaysha: Welke spreuken kan ik gebruiken ?
12:34-- KeyetaT94: Do you have a spell to create the man of your dreams? An Do Have You have a spell to meet a celebrity?
18:25-- witchwizard: Γεια σας, μπορείτε να μου πείτε ενα ξόρκι ευλογίας του βιβλίου των σκιών μου?
18:38-- KeyetaT94: Speak English please because I don't no Spanish.

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