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All Harry Potter Spells

Harry Potter Spells take place in the world of J K Rowling's imagination. White magic spells and black magic spells are both used in this fictional world and are used as a counterpart to the ever increasing march of technology. Most of the spells in the Harry Potter books consist of a gesture made with a wand and a spoken or mental incantation. The names of theses spells are generally taken from pseduo-Latin and bear no relation to any real-life spells. However, some of them do cross over into the realms of real spell casting.

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This charm summons an object to the caster, potentially over a significant distance. Its opposite is the Banishing Charm.
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Produces a jet of water from the caster\'s wand.
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Used to open and/or unlock doors, but doors can be bewitched so that this spell has no effect.
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Clears the target\'s airway, if blocked.
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Cast on parchment or quills to prevent the writer from cheating whilst writing answers.
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Used to prevent Disapparition and/or Apparition in an area for a period. Presumably can be used to prevent an enemy from entering a defended area, or used to trap an enemy in an area.
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This curse causes serious internal injury, but shows no external symptoms. It is described as cast with \"a slashing motion\", sending out a streak of purple flames. It is not nonverbal, though Harry could not hear it because Hermione had used the silencing charm Silencio on Dolohov before.
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This spell makes invisible ink appear.
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Causes a jet of green (blue in the 6th film) light, and a rushing noise; the curse causes instant death to the victim (With the exception of Sirius Black, who lives momentarily when struck in the arm in the fifth film). It leaves no mark of death. There is no known counter-curse or blocking spell (with the exception of the curse striking another Avada Kedavra spell mid-flight, negating both), although the caster can be interrupted, the victim can dodge the curse, hide behind solid objects (which burst into flame when hit by it), or, if the casting wizard is not sufficiently competent, the curse may be completely ineffective as described by Barty Crouch Jr (acting as Alastor Moody) in Goblet of Fire. It is one of the three Unforgivable Curses; the use of this spell on another human being can earn the caster a life sentence in Azkaban.
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This charm creates a flock of birds that pour forth from the caster\'s wand. When coupled with Oppugno, it can be used offensively.
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