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All Banishing Spells

Even wiccans and magic workers that are careful only to use the most positive of spells can still find themselves in a bad spot with negative energy. This can be strictly energetic, such as unusual negative feelings, or it can show as money problems, a bad roommate, unexpected legal issues, or unwanted spirits. Banishing spells are one of the best ways to encourage this energy to become positive or to leave the situation.

Created by Robin Stone
This spell will help you to get rid of someone who is annoying you incessantly.
recipe image
Created by Robin Stone
This Guide will show you how to create a powerful wishing powder for use in banishments. Very well written.
recipe image
Created by Robin Stone
This spell will help you to banish those bad habits which you have been trying to control.
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Created by Robin Stone
This spell will help you to get rid of unwanted guests in your home.
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Created by Robin Stone
This spell will help you to get rid of that unwanted ex boyfriend/girlfriend who are always hanging around.
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Created by Robin Stone
This spell will help you to banish an unwanted entity or spirit if it will not respond to requests.
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Created by Robin Stone
This spell will help you to banish a Skin Walker.
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Created by Robin Stone
Unfortunately, we all get into predicaments in which we feel trapped. This pumpkin spell has never failed us.
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Created by Robin Stone
This spell can be used to get rid of anyone who is bothering you, especially troublesome ex-boyfriends. The best time to cast this spell is on a Saturday.
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Created by Robin Stone
This spell will help you to get rid of any unwanted spirits or entities.
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22:52-- G_9541: please tell the ingredientas :-*
22:53-- G_9541: how do you do the spell
23:42-- wolffe78: hey all im new to magic. any spells for beginning male witch with a homemade wand?
23:45-- wolffe78: if there is please email them to me. wolffe78@yahoo.com
2:42-- G_3014: mantra vampire
17:19-- Kira: I am looking for a dream spell. Does anybody know something?
17:19-- Kira: I am searching for a dream spell.Does anybody lnow ?Thank you!
4:08-- F07703RofD3AT4: hey kira what kind of Dream spell?
4:08-- F07703RofD3AT4: I have one, but most would overlook it
4:09-- F07703RofD3AT4: It lets you have lucid dreams I have used it several times
7:53-- carlohappy: hello everyone i'm new here hope you guys can teach me how to cast some spells
21:51-- giorgos123paok: γεια σας ειμαι καινουριους εδω ψαχνω για ενα ξορκι που να μου επιτρεπει τον ελεγχο της φωτιας εχετε κατι να μου προτεινετε?
1:45-- G_7761: i love spells ;) ;) ;)
11:37-- G_8809: uaaaaa u mesoka magjia ketu
12:18-- icck: can someody tell me wath spells work?
20:02-- G_9645: do they work?
20:03-- G_9645: im trying to change my eyes from brown to green :_(
21:03-- G_8826: Hej är ny här har bara en fråga funkar verkligen det här finns det häxor på riktigt för nämligen jag såg en häxa när jag var liten i mitt fönster alla trodde jag va galen men allvarligt finns häxor??
23:24-- Jazn: Hello! I am a newbie and was looking for easy practice. Any suggestions?
0:04-- 12angelz12: Hej är ny här funkar verkligen den här sidan?
12:25-- simmonhacker: Mình là "new wizard" xin nhận sự trợ giúp của các bạn
14:08-- G_5547: :D
3:36-- G_2422: Hey guys I'm new to the page! Just wanted to chat with likeminded people
9:10-- mehedi: anyone plz help me for get back my ex
11:27-- G_1126: hey
14:55-- G_2390: in most situations an open circle refers to the flow of energy your letting it enter and leave your circle Other times it refers to not drawing up all the elements and preforming ur rights before casting your circle remember to be mindful of the energies used in any spell from the way you feel while casting to casting itself at times it may be necessary to clens yourself or your alter,tools and space for the best results the rest will come be well
14:57-- G_2390: try pushing energy out of your wand ....see the color feel it build feel the flow ty feeling the energies around you
15:04-- daylight: Full moon Saturday
20:37-- G_7310: Hi ;)
22:32-- strongwindmakerz: Hey guys how u get rid of the weather spells
22:34-- strongwindmakerz: I did the wind spells
22:36-- strongwindmakerz: And summon the birds
22:37-- strongwindmakerz: And Idk to get rid help
22:37-- strongwindmakerz: Please help
0:35-- thanhfish2306: Mình không hiểu lắm về spell làm đẹp mặt, cách làm ấy ạ
1:37-- G_2390: cast away all doubt Break down the words and energy, and intentions of a spell and reverse them/ channel energy into the break down /an energy power blast through your circle to cleanse away ary spells / focused on the protection spell you most likely cast before hand within your circle /just keep your mind calm and emotionless be well

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