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All Banishing Spells

Even wiccans and magic workers that are careful only to use the most positive of spells can still find themselves in a bad spot with negative energy. This can be strictly energetic, such as unusual negative feelings, or it can show as money problems, a bad roommate, unexpected legal issues, or unwanted spirits. Banishing spells are one of the best ways to encourage this energy to become positive or to leave the situation.

Created by Robin Stone
This spell will help you to get rid of someone who is annoying you incessantly.
recipe image
Created by Robin Stone
This Guide will show you how to create a powerful wishing powder for use in banishments. Very well written.
recipe image
Created by Robin Stone
This spell will help you to banish those bad habits which you have been trying to control.
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Created by Robin Stone
This spell will help you to get rid of unwanted guests in your home.
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Created by Robin Stone
This spell will help you to get rid of that unwanted ex boyfriend/girlfriend who are always hanging around.
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Created by Robin Stone
This spell will help you to banish an unwanted entity or spirit if it will not respond to requests.
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Created by Robin Stone
This spell will help you to banish a Skin Walker.
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Created by Robin Stone
Unfortunately, we all get into predicaments in which we feel trapped. This pumpkin spell has never failed us.
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Created by Robin Stone
This spell can be used to get rid of anyone who is bothering you, especially troublesome ex-boyfriends. The best time to cast this spell is on a Saturday.
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Created by Robin Stone
This spell will help you to get rid of any unwanted spirits or entities.
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14:13-- G_2175: hello
19:22-- strongwindmakerz: hi
20:12-- Sammy: G_9905 did any spells work or do i need to be a witch first
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1:07-- G_2058: buenas señores y señoras les comento que hoy es el dia donde gran cantidad de brujos y brujas se reunen ah y demonios osea su servidor o otros hoy es cuando la luna les puede dar mas fuerzas y poderes casi demoniacos asique aprovechen la gran luna sangrienta y que se diviertan ;) belfegor y su excelencia el dios demonio les manda un cordial saludo
1:09-- G_2058: Good lords and ladies commented that today is the day where many witches and demons ah meet your server or other bone today is when the moon can be given more powers almost demonic forces and so here take advantage of the great and bloody moon They have fun ;) Belphegor and his excellency the demon god send a cordial greeting
1:11-- G_2058: Buone signori e signore ha commentato che oggi è il giorno in cui molte streghe e demoni ah incontrare il vostro server o altro osso oggi è quando la luna si può dare più poteri quasi forze demoniache e ecco approfittare del grande e sanguinosa luna Si divertono ;) Belphegor e sua eccellenza il dio demone inviare un cordiale saluto
1:12-- G_2058: Bons senhores e senhoras comentou que hoje é o dia em que muitas bruxas e demônios ah atender o servidor ou outro osso , hoje, é quando a lua pode ser dado mais poderes quase forças demoníacas e assim por aqui aproveitar a lua grande e sangrenta Divirta-se ;) Belphegor e sua Excelência o deus demônio enviar uma cordial saudação
0:11-- G_3259: i tried to registrate.but its impossible.is this only for usa or uk? cerridwen
0:18-- G_3259: hi sammy.u dont have to do a spell to become a witch.just ask a witch.go to a coven or better a studygroup first.then you can see if real witchcraft is for you.if it is,you will know.you will know when thespirits of nature will make you feel that this is your path.witchcraft is a wonderful way of life.because it works.and you will see growth and sukses in all of the eareas in your life.its telling you that life is the school to learn lessons.and guess what,,,its great to study.you will never skip lessons.why?because you will get excited just like me and other people that became witches for life.blessings to you my dear sister.cerridwen.
13:23-- G_5239: heelo
13:23-- G_5239: do these spells workj actually
6:20-- G_8541: Saya nk jadi duyung
9:29-- G_1984: Aatma ko kaise bulaye
23:34-- G_9663: works?
23:34-- G_9663: AVANTA KABENTA
19:05-- G_3151: «link» for «link»
18:00-- G_9214: नाम अमन सिह
18:02-- G_9214: मै दुनिया का सबसे बडा जादूगर बनना चाहता हूँ
0:40-- G_7926: i am new here hai
18:00-- G_3757: fgdf
18:00-- G_3757: como registrarse ?
18:00-- G_3757: register ?
8:32-- G_4732: do they realize charging for magickal knowledge makes the magick useless?
10:47-- G_4040: Como eu faço isso

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