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Banish Bad Habits Spell

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Created by Robin Stone,

Spell Description

This spell will help you to banish those bad habits which you have been trying to control.

Spell Ingredients

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Spell Method

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3:08-- G_3025: สวัสดี ฉันอยากสวยมีเวทมนอะไรบ้าง (!)
13:00-- G_9813: (?) ราคามี
13:00-- G_9813: ย่พสพนั้นพสพนบพย
22:30-- mahamed: هلا
22:31-- mahamed: نعم
3:34-- G_4911: HI :)
4:14-- amabilia: new here hey :)
4:33-- G_9476: «link» Kata Mutiara
13:04-- G_6579: :P :P :P
13:04-- G_6579: hiii
13:05-- G_6579: any1 online??
13:22-- Zyesha: hii
13:22-- Zyesha: any1 on9 here?
14:56-- Mickey00: Hello, my family.
18:12-- wolfqueen47: hello
20:09-- cookiejoey1: has anyone done the poweful love spell?
20:16-- wolfqueen47: I have
20:27-- cookiejoey1: tell me, did it work for you
21:22-- G_7341: hi
21:22-- G_7341: me
21:54-- Fraust: Wow, what a night to do a money spell! Full moon, a Thursday, and the 5th of March. :)
5:42-- G_8275: Mình ko biết làm sao để đăng kí làm thành viên nữa. Họ có nói đến 4,99$ j đấy nhg mn ko hiểu lắm.Và mình ko có thẻ visa hay j hết.Mình 16t,mong mọi ng giúp đỡ
6:57-- emily154897: What does everyone think of casting a spell on your boyfriends exgirlfriend, to keep her away?
6:57-- emily154897: I'm desperate for anything at this point.
9:49-- G_6853: چیکار کنم تا تبدیل به خون آشام بشویم
9:50-- G_6853: خواهش میکنم به من بگید
9:53-- G_6853: جواب من بودید لطفا من واقعا دوست دارم یک خون آشام باشم حتی اگر بمیرم لطفا (!)
15:48-- Kolo6686: Ey
15:48-- Kolo6686: anybody here?
15:48-- Kolo6686: So lonely :_(
16:16-- daylight: emily 154897how about a calming spell on yourself it may allow you to calm your mind enough to gather the strength and/or clarity to deal with the situation with have to effect anothers will
16:17-- draconis_pen_234 dragon: hi :D
16:17-- draconis_pen_234 dragon: any of you know of a summoning spell i can use
16:24-- daylight: draconisSure combine robin stones opening a magic circle, the crown of protection spell and the summoning spell on page three of summoning once combined and tweaked with your own personal touch i found it to be quite powerful be well
16:26-- daylight: The vernal equinox is on the twentieth on the night of the new moon as well
18:57-- immakolata: Με τρομάζουν όλα αυτα....

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Name: G_2576

:) :( ;) :P :D :| :O :S O.O 8) :_( :-* (!) (?)
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