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Welcome to Magick Spell Craft

Magick Spell Craft is a new online dictionary of magick spells. We aim to soon be the biggest repository of all the varying kinds of spells. You can rate spells on their efficiency as well as their difficulty. We also aim to create a friendly and lively online community detailing all aspects of the wonderful world of spellcraft. You can find everything from black magic spells and witchcraft spells to love spells and Seeking spells. We even have a section for spells such as Harry Potter spells. This site aims to parallel the ever-changing, fluid nature of spellcraft and Robin welcomes all suggestions as to how to improve this spell guide. Do not hesitate to ask Robin or the other members if you have any questions on any types of spells, be they black magick spells or white magick spells. Care should always be taken in spellcraft, less so when dealing with fictional spells like the Harry Potter spells and more so when dealing with some of the darker black magick spells and the spells in the Advanced section. If you have any spells, please do add them in and help build up the spellcraft community. Above all else, have fun!

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13:43-- G_3227: hi
19:28-- G_3260: Hi
21:05-- G_6759: heey
21:05-- G_6759: wadup?
23:22-- G_8599: hi
23:22-- G_8599: do i need any supplies to do magic
1:16-- G_1559: hey
4:23-- IzAm2010: What's a good beginner
4:23-- IzAm2010: Looking to get my husband to tell the truth.. And rid negativity from my surroundings
9:57-- G_7949: hiii
13:27-- G_5628: Не ни става O.
10:12-- G_5109: ;) ;)
13:12-- G_6388: he
13:13-- G_6388: i need black magic to hurt my ex she can not be happy more
7:00-- G_1327: Ay
7:01-- G_1327: Hail Hitler
0:16-- G_1556: is there any time travel spells
0:18-- G_1556: is any one going to answer my question
13:01-- G_4827: Yo solo necesito unopara hacer que un chico se quede conmigo ya de forma seria ... y otro para que se fije en mi .. mas aun... urgente ;)
13:01-- G_4827: hi
13:08-- G_4827: i need white maggic to that a boy make a guy to stay with me and so serious ... and another to be secure in my .. more urgent yet ... :) ;)
0:16-- G_8268: Hi
1:10-- G_4827: hi ....
2:21-- G_4616: Ciao
9:21-- G_8531: does anyone know a spell caster magicklarn@gmail.com
1:50-- Scarecrows: this is original spell or bullshit
18:31-- G_5470: :|
18:31-- G_5470: Hi
12:00-- G_1619: M
12:00-- G_1619: I
12:00-- G_1619: How do I register here help me please I got a problem here
12:00-- G_1619: How do I register here help me please I got a problem here 666
9:34-- G_4521: Hey :P
9:34-- G_4521: I like potatoes
9:35-- G_4521: If u have fb add me jade Smith
14:12-- G_4535: hi

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